Digital Age

Safeguarding Democracy and Elections in the Digital Age

Our world is continuously moving in the direction of digitalization, creating an “e-democracy” more intertwined with technology. The interconnection between democracy in the digital age is transforming how elections are held. This marriage has revolutionized the electoral landscape by providing a new platform for political dialogue, voter education, and election monitoring. Yet, it has also come with its risks of election vulnerability. Our article will examine these aspects by dissecting the fundamental challenges to electoral integrity arisingfrom the use of digital technologies and outlining practical steps for safeguarding democracy and fair elections.

Core Principles for Democratic Freedom Online

Digital domains have become the new battlegrounds for civil societynationwide, democratic advocates, and oppressive governments across the globe. United Nations has recognized the internet as a pivotal element to exercising human rights, including the right to freedom of opinion and expression. However, there lies the challenges to democratic values online, ranging from hate speech and disinformation to internet shutdowns. read more