Rebuilding Public Trust

Rebuilding Public Trust: Advancing Effective Policing and Criminal Justice Practice

Stay Connected: Enhance Public Safety through Accountable Police Reform In this digital age, staying connected and communication transparency is vital in building trust in law enforcement agencies. Community-oriented policing where police officers and community members collaborate together is a key catalyst to addressing essential reform areas. The Department of Justice helps law enforcement with procedural standards via programs and initiatives to facilitate change.

A significant emphasis revolves around police misconduct which requires a serious approach to create safety for communities, emphasizing different sections of the society that have been dealing with police violence for ages. One such instance is the black Americans suffering through racial disparities and people of color across the nation. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, new York and several other states proposed rigorous police reform. Police violence towards people of color across the country and communities of color has resulted in a distinct disconnect between these communities and the police departments and officers. read more